This series is about the new Java 13 features and improvements. JDK 13 which released in 17 September 2019, includes only five JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) and 76 new core library elements which especially is for package. There are new ways of using switch expressions and the text blocks feature that was originally intended for Java 12.

Blogs in this series:

  • Java 13 New Features

    The six-month release cadence of the JDK continues to deliver the incremental evolution of Java. The latest version is JDK 13, which is released in September 2019. This article will summarize several JEP released in JDK 13.

Tutorials in this series:

  • Java 13 - Switch Expressions (JEP 354)

    Enhancements for switch expressions are introduced in JDK 12 as a preview feature (JEP 325). Java 13's JEP 354 extends this switch expressions by adding a new yield keyword to return a value from switch expression.
  • Java 13 - Text Blocks (JEP 355)

    Text blocks allows us to create multiline strings easily. It allow a better way of writing or reading multi-line text inside Java code, with main purpose to allow us to write code from other languages inside our Java code. This is a preview feature.

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