1. Customer validation / feedback
  2. Hair on Fire factor. Is this idea a nice to have or a must have, for its target market?
  3. Access to Market. Do I have connections to this market that will make finding my first customers easy?
  4. Day 1 Revenue. Will this thing potentially make money from day 1 or will it be a slow burn towards commercialization?
  5. Revenue Scalability. How big is the market? Even if I totally smash it, is revenue potential limited in some way?
  6. Defensibility. Will it be easy or hard for copycats to enter this space?
  7. Lack of Competitors. Is this blue ocean or red ocean territory?
  8. Personal Passion. Is this idea aligned to something I feel strongly about personally, which will potentially fuel the drive to succeed in this space?
  9. Unfair advantage. Do I have an “unfair advantage” in this space because of my background or skill set?
  10. IP Creation. Am I genuinely creating some interesting IP here or is technology not really a factor with this idea? Could be important for the final criteria...
  11. Acquisition Potential. Not that this is the goal but it makes sense to have some sort of exit strategy. Does success in this space align strongly with the strategy of a big, well known company that might want to buy my product?
  12. Integrations.Can this product's value & stickiness be increased by integrating it with existing platforms (Social, CRMs, Accounting, Email etc). Integrations provide 1) Distribution 2) higher acquisition chances.
  13. Potential to create an ecosystem of value?